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We ended our boating season with a nice long weekend at Cape Ann Marina, the weather was great and the dock crew always accommodating. It was challenging trying to navigate the ONGOING on-site construction, I hope they can finish up before next season as it's quite a mess. One BBQ grill on N Dock being shared by all,, had us waiting till well after dark to eat. As the other new grill was without propane (and missing burners). When we tried using this grill on Friday it had propane, but we were asked to move because there was a wedding going on (further validating they care little about transient boaters visiting). Out of ice on Sunday, and only one shower does make it a bit challenging. I wish they would upgrade some of the amenities to make for a better 'mariners experience' as it seems they care little about the boaters and more about the 'public facing' hotel & restaurant' side of the business. why they shut down the pool area for swimming and a Koi pond makes no sense at all. I would like to give the marina more stars and a higher grade.. but for a second full season the marina really is a mess. and to be completely honest,, the only reason we keep coming back is because of the welcome and accommodating nature of Karl the dock master and the hospitality of the boaters that reside at the marina 'especially 'B' dock'. I cant say enough about Karl keeping everything running and everyone accommodated Sunday with little to no help. he was SOLO for most of the afternoon,, literally running from the gas dock to other dock areas around the marina landing boats all day. I was very impressed with his calm nature and upbeat attitude but exhausted watching him. please get him the much needed dock hands he deserves before we lose him to a more competent marina. we'll be back as soon as we can.. but I cant really recommend Cape Ann Marina to other boaters in the current 'substandard' condition. I hope they get their collective act together, as it's a great location. .. and would think accommodating the mariners experience should be their main focus instead of an afterthought as it is now.