Report Review

First, this is a nice marina. Very busy but well located and the folks were generally nice. We drove in two days before to see the facility and speak to the dockmaster about where we might be placed. Casey told us we would likely be on B row but couldn't confirm. We arrived in our 47' trawler and they put us on D row in a 40' slip between 34' and 38' boats. We stuck out into the fairway a lot. Dockhands said they do it all the time and we would be ok. All went well during the Christmas boat show but we noticed many larger slips on B row were open. Sunday Morning at 7:15 we were woken by the sound of a bow thruster, then a thump....we had been hit. I scrambled to see who had hit us and it turned out to be one of the crew that was moving in boats for the day's rentals. I called out to him "are you just going to leave? You hit us!" he said "Sir, I did not hit you". His was the only boat in the fairway with a bow thruster and three people on our boat felt the hit. When I inspected our boat, there was no noticeable damage. I went to where he had docked the boat and asked another crew member if he was in charge. He said he wasn't but went and looked at the other boat which also showed no damage....all the while the crew member that hit my boat kept saying "sir, I did not hit your boat." Fortunately there was no damage to either vessel, but my expectation was that this crew member would first, admit what he did; second, act concerned and not drive away from us while talking to him; apologize for the incident. So our experience was not the best but we like the facility and hope they will teach their crew to act more responsibly. I hope the crew would also fit the boat to the proper sized slip in the future.