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The positive? We were able to get away for a few days and spend time with our Friends cruising on our boat around Fort Myers and were blessed to have an amazing full moon, also was awesome to have a restaurant on site. Negatives? Mosiquitos at the dock at night were unbearable, when we returned after a day out on the boat our slip had another boat in it, we called on the radio and they told us to move from D dock to B dock, which was unacceptable since we were there with friends and all on the same dock together. Two guys came out to the dock and we were told the slip we were assigned belongs to someone who is there full time and they weren't expecting them back and we would need to move to another slip. We should never have been given that slip. We traveled there with friends and we were across the dock from each other, which was great, well until we couldn't park are boat there. What would have happened if we were already in the slip when they returned? Ok so we were given another slip on same dock just a few slips down from our friends, crisis averted. Or so we thought because we went out for a sunset cruise and when we returned the 2nd slip we were assigned had another boat in it. It was late when we got back and the office was closed so we were on our own to find a slip to park in. No apology, no compensation for the inconvenience. In fact the first time it happened there were 2 dock staff that came out to the was not understanding of it, got a bit huffy and actually just walked away from the dock. We were clearly upset and frustrated but him walking away was not solving the situation. After the first guy walked away the other guy was very sympatric to the situation and apologized for the his co-worker. We moved down to another slip and well you know what happened next, we left and returned for that spot being taken up by another boat. We never heard from anyone regarding the situation, no one came to make sure all was ok. Was a very unorganized situation that could have been avoided with proper handling and managing of the boat slips. Probably won't be back.