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This marina is NOT accommodating to transient boaters!! We were placed on a dock that was allowed to fly politically affiliated, foul languaged flags. The bathrooms are not clean, and I would NEVER shower in there. The laundry room was filthy and stinky. When asked employees regarding who cleans that area, I was told nobody knew, and nobody really cared. Rude attitude from girls in office. Who is in charge of this run down marina?!?!? Just walking to the restroom area is stinky with trash bins. THIS is not worth the money!!! However, the city of Ft. Myers beach remain to not be able offer any mooring balls because they allow people to park unattended boats to rot on their balls, and spend NO money around their area. Unfortunately there's not really any other choices in Ft. Myers beach for boaters when storms are impending. NOT going to be a cruiser's stop if they don't get things straightened out around here.