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Update - I would highly recommend SafeHarbour just do away with the pump out boat altogether. Once again we spent the week on a ball and requested a pump out and were told they would be done Wednesday. Wednesday had nasty weather so no surprise it wasn't done but it still had not been done when we left Saturday. If you're not going to do it don't offer it! Everyone was very nice and accommodating on check in. We had reserved a ball for a week plus and requested a pump out. Evidently the pump out boat was being repaired when we arrived but they indicated the mechanic would have them up and running the next day. We asked repeatedly throughout our stay and were told they would get to it "that afternoon or first thing in the morning". We would have brought the boat to the dock if anyone had simply asked. The most important rule in customer service is say what you'll do and do what you say. Not a good showing.