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When we arrived here, we were immediately struck by the amazingly wide docks, cleanliness, quiet and friendliness of the young staff. Having arrived later in the day, we found the showers did not open to the combinations provided in the welcome handout. We found out the next day that the showers are closed due to Covid-19, but neither the handout or the staff mentioned this. Before going to diner, our shore power went out, I found the shore power pedestal breaker had tripped. I reset it. Power was restored but lasted only a few minutes. Thinking it might be the pedestal/breaker, I moved the cable, along with an extension cable the marina provided, to the next nearest pedestal, which was across the main dock. Power again went out a while later. I discovered that some friendly person had disconnected our cable and put it back on our side of the dock. Thanks neighbor for telling us! So I once gain moved to another pedestal on our own side of the dock. This again worked for a few minutes and then cut off, with the breaker tripped. Shore power was very important for us, as our engine alternator ha stopped charging our batteries. So I called the after-hours emergency number, This put me through to a central Safe Harbor after-hours desk. The nice operator got an equally nice, but clueless local man on the phone who offered to call the marina general manager. He called back a while later to tell me he could not reach the general manager. While waiting for all these calls to work, I again looked at all the connections and cables. I decided that the most likely culprit was the extension cable, especially as it had a splice in it. In order to make our cable fit, I moved our boat up as far as far as it would go in the slip, so our shore power cable just reached. Plugged in an - Yay! - shore power that did not go off. When putting the extension off to the side, I noticed that the slice had actually burned through the tape over the splice. Yikes - we were lucky it didn't start a fire, as the splice was sitting on the wooden dock. Also, when we went to dinner, we noticed that the main gate lock was inoperable. When we returned from diner, as small group of teenagers had congregated in the corner of the parking lot, doing what teenagers do. They could have easily moved their activities to a vacant boat in the marina. First thing in the morning, the marina general manager, a very nice man named Dave, called me back and I reviewed the situation. He gave me a lot of sympathy, but offered nothing in compensation for our troubles. So I asked, and he offered a credit for the electric charge (not yer received) and a free nights stay upon our next visit. this was quite fair, hence the 4-star rating instead of much worse. This is a nice place, and could be great with a little more attention to detail.