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Very placid dockage, broad passageways, helpful dockhands. They do go zipping along in those golfcarts as other reviewers have noted. Perhaps they could be set so they can't go quite as fast. It's the speed of the wheels clacking on the planks that accounts for some of the noise. The shower and bathroom facilities were clean and tastefully decorated. There is a curious system however that limits their availablility. On each door leading to the men's, ladie's and showers there is a little sign that can be slid one way to mark "open" and the otherway to mark "occupied." That would make sense for single occupancy facilities but each can accommodate 2-3 at a time. It was a bit annoying to have waited quite awhile for the shower to be available and when the person using it finally came out I entered to find 3 fully private shower stalls and a separate toilet. I would ditch the signs and replace them with a sign which informs people how many stalls there are in each room. That being said I would definitely go back.