Report Review

There is good news and there is bad news. The good news is the marina, the staff and its facilities are top notch. A dockhand named Dylan gave me great instructions as I was approaching the marina, and met us at the slip and helped us tie up. He then came by with a welcome package, and stopped by a couple of more times to see if we needed anything. The rest of the staff were friendly and helpful. The marina and the facilities are clean and comfortable. The bad news is another boater- not a transient like me- went out of her way to hassle us. On Friday night, my wife and I returned to our boat after dinner to find music blasting from this yacht a few slips away. There was no one on the boat. About a half hour later, a man and a woman got on the boat. My wife walked over to the boat and respectfully asked if they could turn the music down. Not off- just down. The man said ok but the woman become instantly belligerent. As my wife walked away, the woman was talking to her back, saying things like "who do you think you are," "it's Friday night- we can play it as loud as we want," "lighten up b**ch". I asked the woman to not be rude. She told me to lighten up too. That was the end of us talking to her, but she didn't let it go. She kept complaining that we had the nerve to ask them to turn down the music because it was Friday night. Sometimes she directed her words in our direction, and sometimes she was talking to the man on her boat, but that didn't matter. Her voice was so loud, we could not have heard her any clearer if she was on our boat. She would refer to my wife as "that b**ch" and "fu**ing b**ch" many more times. Even though the man did turn down the music, she kept telling him to turn it back up. Ten minutes later the woman turned it back up herself. We said nothing and eventually had to go into our cabin to avoid her vitriol. The next night, there were a number of people on the boat when we returned from dinner, and the music was even louder. We said nothing. The music was so loud, that when we were in our cabin, all hatches closed, and the air conditioner on, we could still hear the music. It stayed that loud past 10:30pm. It was the rudest, most inconsiderate behavior I have encountered at a marina. It will make me think twice about returning there, despite how much we liked the facilities themselves.