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I love Westport Harbor, and have stayed here before. I requested a mooring, and radioed the yach club on VHF 9 & 16 as I entered the harbor. I received no resopnse, so I called on my cell; no answer. The last time that I stayed here there was an attendant on the dock that apologized because he couldn't help me onto a mooring. This time I provided entertainment to other boaters as I tried to figure out what to do, and on which mooring I should do it. The current in the Westport River is moving at over 3 kts for max flood and ebb. the mooring bouys are attached to lines that are tied to loops on lines that are securely anchored to the bottom. To make it easier for anyone reading this review, here is the seceret: To moor, you need a boat hook, and a dock line. Grab the bouy with your hook, and pull it out of the water until you reach the loop. Run your dock line from a cleat through the loop and back to a cleat. Secure it with VERY short scope, but DO NOT bring the mooring bouy, or the loop aboard unless you want little shrimp and seaweed all over your deck. Secure the bouy with another dock line outside of your lifelines. My wife said that the shower that she used had a disgusting (mildew) shower curtain. My shower was fine. The last time that I was here all of the showers were clean and neat.