Report Review

I decided to take my boat to the Boston Harbor Shipyard to sit out the potential hit from Tropical Storm Henri. This marina is in East Boston and is protected by a long breakwater built from barges attached to large steel pylons driven into the the bottom of the inner harbor. In addition, the Nantucket Light Ship is moored to the outside of the barges, providing additional cover from a west wind. Wind from the other three directions is attenuated by land surrounding the marina. Most transient boats are tied up to a floating dock on the inside of this breakwater. I felt like my boat was very secure in this location. The marina itself is very big and has several hundred permanent tenants. It is surrounded by multistory apartment buildings on two sides and Logan Airport on the third. It’s a long walk from the breakwater to the very serviceable heads and showers (about 3/8 mile). On the weekend the shipyard is home to a thriving social scene with an art gallery, a restaurant and a cider distillery. There are a few additional restaurants within walking distance. One major attraction that kept me at the Shipyard an extra day was that it was a short walk to a “T” station that would take you into Boston proper at a cheap price. That made the Aquarium, Faneuil Hall and the other historic sites of this city easily accessible. One advantage of this marina is that it is significantly less expensive than the better known marinas across the harbor. I’ll stay there again the next time I come to Boston - even if there isn’t a storm brewing.