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Stay away from this place. Starting withe the very rude front desk personnel down to the lazy excuse filled housekeeping manager this place sucks. First the prices are outrageous for the subpar accommodations. Rvs are worn many functions dont work they are packed in like sardines, there's no privacy whatsoever ever not to mention a 30.00 wifi charge and the wifi barely works. The owners are greedy and have no idea whats going on in that place. The cabins are worn some guests I talked to said they were covered in bites after sleeping in the beds. The linens are all soiled and stained. They do not launder their blankets for new arriving guests just reuse old ones. The housekeeping manager is always driving around in her golf cart with a vape shoved in her face or hiding in the back forest sucking her vape and her phone in her face for an upwards of 45 min. Doesnt really work at all walks around with a clipboard apparently thats suppose to make herself look important. They have young kids for housekeeping staff. There is no order or organization 4 families were made to wait in the parking lot until 7pm before their accommodations were ready check in is 4. The only entertainment is thirsty Thursday where the owners and staff get drunk with guests how original. They have a dirty outdoor pool ratty tennis courts and a big empty field.. boring it raves about the spectacular ocean view ya sure if you wanna walk a km off the park cause its hard to see the ocean through all the rvs. Saw guests emptying their sewage not 10 ft from where a family was eating their breakfast. Heard the supervisor tell an employee to give the guest a box a kleenex as toilet paper cause there was none on site! Like really people. Soo disappointed won't ever come back. They need new management and a huge upgrade before this place is even livable don't waste huge amounts of your money for this place its not worth it. Its being run into the ground. Stay clear from here!