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The mooring pickup & twin hawsers were immaculate. It was nice to have such clean lines to bring aboard. The few moorings are very well spaced. Privacy was easy and restful! The harbor is pretty large, but even arriving with about 20 knows from the NW there was not much movement. A strong SW the next day offered the same easy boat movement. Resident boaters seemed considerate leaving little wake. When we finally found the home base for our mooring field the ship's store was complete and fun to look around. We were never offered the combination for the restrooms/showers, but it was unlocked, but be sure to ask. The writeup said they had Wi-Fi, but I forgot to ask if it would reach the mooring area and for the password. Ask. There was no info sheet and no greeting offered. Upon arrival we did not know what mooring to pickup and my note beforehand went unanswered so after being shifted to a few different phone numbers the lady said just pick up any of their moorings. Eating out anywhere now is pretty sketchy, so do your research in advance. This is not a hot spot. You will have to look around for simple food. With a major thunderstorm and tornado warnings on tap we never did find any easy options for takeout. However, if you want peace, quiet, and a good rest this is your port. My wife was entertained by dozens of terns landing on the bow rail in the morning, and taking advantage of the gunnel and seats of the dinghy. Going for a dinghy ride later meant I had to be happy conducting a complete cleaning of the bird poop there and on the forward deck. Snapping a towel at them the next day caused them to find another resting place. Entrance to the harbor through the inlet in easier than I expected. The current was swift. Just enough speed to keep steerage had us doing 8 knots on the incoming tide.