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Map of Lubbers Quarters Cay: View Full Map

Lubbers Quarters Cay

Region Abacos
Country Bahamas

Latitude 26° 30" 5'
Longitude -76° 59" 52'
Format DD DMS
Body of water Lubbers Channel
Current Conditions
Temperature: 0F
Dewpoint: 0F

Lubbers Quarters (kind of a mouthful) is an island located off Great Abaco Island in the central portion of the Abacos island chain. It is bordered on the east by Elbow and Tilloos cays, and to the west by Great Abaco Island. Though the island has no real anchorages or areas of interest it is a significant hurdle in navigating the Sea of Abacos, and we will base our discussion on this premise.

Navigating the Water:
The island of Lubbers Quarters and the shoal at Lubbers Bank (to the northwest) are two nuisances in an otherwise clear, open and deep area of the Sea of Abaco. Lubbers Bank is a long shoal (4 to 5-foot depths) that extends 4 miles northwest into the Sea of Abaco from Lubbers Quarters Island, and Lubbers Quarter Channel squeezes up right against Elbow Cay, making for a tight and shallow passage south.

Lubbers Bank is easy to avoid - a simple path to the west of the shoal’s tip will put you in 10-foot-deep water. Lubbers Channel, which lies to the east of Lubbers Quarters Island is a bit trickier, and requires navigating a twisting channel with 4- to 6-foot depths.

In the image above is a view of Lubbers Quarters from the south looking north. On the right (east) side of the image, you can see the twisting Lubbers Channel working its way down between Lubbers Quarters Island and Elbow Cay at Tilloo Cut. To the west (left) you can see the long spit of sand (Lubbers Bank) extending off to the northwest into the Sea of Abaco.

Local Notices to Mariners:
See our “Local Notices to Mariners” blog for updates on the latest conditions and advisories for this area.

Things To Do/Local Events:
Aside from snorkeling, beach combing, sailing, and other water activities, there is an active and vibrant calendar of other scheduled events in the Abacos. See our “Helpful Links” section below for a detailed calendar of events.

There is no airstrip on Lubbers Quarters Cay, so arriving here by boat is your only option. The nearest airport is Marsh Harbor Airport, about 5 miles away.