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I am perplexed by an earlier review. Until this year, I’ve kept my boat in Newport, RI, so I can be a harsh critic. But I’m very happy at HMB where I have experienced nothing but friendliness, fairness, and high functioning services. I thank the earlier reviewer for reminding me that high winds create waves. I’ll have to ask Steve to fix that. Maybe he can build a dome. Friends’ boats kept elsewhere snapped dock lines and sustained lots of canvas damage. As far as I can see, nobody at Half Moon Bay sustained any serious damage. I’ll credit their location and giant sea wall. My WiFi works well, especially considering that it’s shared by many. My pricing is exactly what I was quoted when I called. If you want no waves and perfect WiFi, it sounds like a backyard pool might be a better option than a boat. The power to review directly to a business’ audience is one of the few great characteristics of the internet. Let’s all try to be fair and realistic.

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