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Excellent service and friendly staff. Be sure to check out Craft Kitchen for lunch or pick up a prepped meal for dinner on the boat. They could have one of the best brisket sandwiches I have ever had and my kids loved their homemade ice cream sandwiches.

Marina Response:
Thank you for letting other boaters know about Craft Kitchen & Provisions. We enjoyed getting to know you and your family. There's nothing better than seeing kids come ashore for ice cream! We hope to see you again soon.
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Boaters beware of serious security issues at Prescott Park docks! I want to begin with stating that the staff and management at Prescott Park are fantastic and have been a pleasure to work with. My family and I love Portsmouth and have stayed at the Prescott Park docks several times over this past summer. The major problem is a complete lack of security for the docks which became alarmingly apparent on our last two visits. A few months ago, we were awakened by a fellow boater knocking on our window at 2am to inform us that 2 kids had stolen our kids' scooters and taken off from the docks. They abandoned the scooters in the park and we chalked it up to bunch of drunk teenagers. They had also boarded other people's boats before they were chased away. Clearly, the kids had no respect for other's property. Luckily, no permanent harm was done. However, on 9/30 a serious event occurred. At 4am on a Sunday morning, two intoxicated teenagers came down on the docks and untied our boat from the face dock with my wife and two children on board. Think about that . . . . We are on the Piscataqua river which has significant current and our boat is set adrift while we were in our most vulnerable state, asleep. What would have happened if we did not wake up!? Fortunately, the only damage is that my two young children now have fears about “robbers” and “bad guys” untying our boat in the future. The two individuals were arrested and are being charged with reckless endangerment and drug possession. I shudder to think about what harm could have come to my family from this incident. My only reason for sharing this review is to help create a sense of urgency for the city to add security cameras at the point of entry and some type of pin pad device on the gate. Right now there is simply a chain link gate with a latch that permits anyone who is interested to come down on the docks. The fix for this would be relatively inexpensive and would discourage foul play at the docks.

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