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There were positives and negatives during our recent stay (July 2018) at the Marina at Rowes Wharf. On a positive note, the setting was really terrific. If you are heading to a port in a bustling city you want an urban feel. (At least we did.) The docks are nestled between the mixed use commercial structure (office space, hotel, apartments) and gave you a great feel of really being in the heart of a city. The location was also great — next to the Seaport area with lots of restaurants, shops and attractions nearby including Quincy Market. We had tried unsuccessfully to get in at Boston Yacht Haven so we walked over there to check it out and actually liked the setting at Rowes Wharf better. Finally, the facility itself was well maintained and clean. That said, there were some drawbacks that management needs to address. First, they don’t really seem to be set up to accommodate transients. As we got close to the marina we attempted to hail them on channel 9 (the channel they monitor) and received no response. I ended us calling a cell phone number and reached someone who was able to help us dock. He said that if we had any issues to call that number and he would respond. In addition, he stopped by the check on us the next day to see how our stay was which we thought was very nice. Our stay was uneventful so we had no reason to call but as we got ready to leave and wanted help casting off we again tried to hail the marina on channel 9 — again no response — so we called the phone number again. This time no one answered the phone but there was a recorded message that if you needed a dockhand to call another number. Of course, that was not what I was expecting so I didn’t have paper and pencil nearby. I then got out a pen and called the number back to record the other phone number. When I dialed the other number, however (and I tried several times), I received a message that the person I was calling either didn’t set up voicemail or had a voicemail box that was full. Fortunately, it wasn’t a very windy day so my husband and I just did the cast off by ourselves. The second issue is the lack of security. Though there is a “gate” with a key pad to enter the dock area, if you don’t know the pin you simply reach over the fence and turn the knob. It is very obvious that this can be done. In addition the fence on the side of the gate doesn’t extend very far and, particularly in high tide, it would be very easy for someone to simply climb around that gate. Being right on the Harbor Walk makes the security issue doubly important. We simply didn’t leave anything out while we were away from our boat, closed up and locked the companion-way and closed all of the larger ports. Boston Yacht Haven, on the other hand, had a very serious gate, offering true protection, that would have made both of us feel more comfortable. Finally, on a more minor note, they really don’t have WiFi. To connect to WiFi you connect to one of the hotel conference rooms so the reception is spotty. Okay for us on vacation but not great for someone dependent on WiFi for work or personal needs. But for the lack of security and the challenge of getting anyone to help with our sailboat when assistance was a needed, we would be highly recommending the Marina at Rowes Wharf. Again, the setting was superb and the location was perfect.

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Great service and staff. Wonderful location.

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