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I was very upset that three employees one of which was a manager who thought it was a wonderful idea to come and wake everyone on our boat up this morning around 9am. We docked the boat yesterday for a little holiday fun with friends and family. We enjoy grilled outside of the dock last night which was fine. We enjoyed the bar until it closed and then rented divy bikes and ventured the city. Then came back and now went to sleep. The manager and the other employees claimed they woke us up due to complaints. The thing is we weren’t even at the dock for the most of the time we were even in the city. They woke up four people on a holiday. I don’t appreciate but the profiling the African American manager projected. We payed for the reservation and we were extremely respectful during our entire stay. Asked us to check out reservation and after I showed it to him via on my cell phone in an email. I explained to the gentlemen that I made the reservation in for my friends name, the one I booked for us to stay. I explained that I spoke with a girl in th office yesterday due to not receiving all of the information via email with confirmation and such details. The African American gentleman; He explained we needed to leave very very soon. Which I stated that it was not until eleven or so. It’s a holiday and usually people like to sleep on their Days off and I am one of those people. I believe that profiling is just ridiculous. I hope they found the people making the ruckus. I did not appreciate how rude the African American gentle treated me nor the other guest. We had every right to be docked as it was paid for. Being rude, and ignorant to patrons especially on a holiday should most definitely be addressed. I would never in a million years treat anyone with such disrespect especially not at my place of work. Being pleasant, respectful, and generally a non bias genuine human is is extremely important in the business place and with any sort of Customer service. If someone says having a bad day, or personal issues they should not bring them into the work place and certainly not take it out on customers. Being a manager is not about abusing power just because you have a little, and definitely not due so and teach other employees to act in such a manner. Thank you for your time! Regards, J. In reference to reservation XJ5BW7R3 at 31st Street Harbor, the Chicago Harbors.

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