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Some slips see enough wave action that two sailboats' masts hit each other and caused damage. This marina is aesthetically nice, and the wave attenuator built into the outer dock smooths the surface of the water, but it does not stop waves completely like the breakwater does. My boat was on the dock straight out from the gangway for the marina's first season, and the rocking from taking west waves on the beam chafed through my wire topping lift and broke my wind indicator from hitting the neighboring mast. Initially I couldn't figure out how the indicator broke, until a neighbor said during a storm we "were rocking so much it looked like your masts were going to hit!" Apparently they did! Staff were aware of this issue and one mentioned their water lines or conduits broke more than once from the docks' motion! They did have a piece of the outer dock out over the winter and I'm not sure if they were able to improve things, I moved out. Not only is the City marina next door more protected from big waves, it was cheaper to pay the full seasonal rate there and lose my deposit at BHM than to pay the balance at BHM!

Marina Response:
Hi Damon, I hope all is well with you and you are staying safe. I do not know where you are berthing this summer but we miss you and your welcome back anytime if only for a visit. The wave attenuator was not complete when you were here but people rave about it. It stops the heavy seas from entering to marina and the boats are safe. Because we are a gated community our slip holders here feel safer than being in a boating community that is open, and BHM has 24 hour security. Only slip holders and their guest can enter the marina. I think also because our slips come with a parking pass in our private parking lot this justifies the cost. Our slip holders and their families love it here. Please contact me because we have revised our deposit refund policy due to Covid 19. Cheers Bob
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