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Sandusky Yacht Club is a great place to stay. The restaurant is wonderful - don't miss the Sunday Brunch ! The docks are clean and meticulously maitained.

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The marina is clean and has a great staff. The pool is wonderful on a hot day. The on-site restaurant is pretty good. But its open only around the weekends. There are other restaurants a short walk down the road. On the down side, there is absolutely no shade. So hot days are HOT DAYS. And there's a fair amount of boat traffic going past. So its rather busy. But its an easy marina to get into with a well-marked channel.

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Elba-Mar Boat ClubMay 20, 2013

Nice, clean boat club with a great restaurant. Very friendly and welcoming bunch of people. We normally stop for the night at Elba-Mar when we run up the Detroit River to Lake St. Clair. Watch the buoys going in there and don't get outside the channel (like I did the first time I went in there) !

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Very clean, well maintained dockage; great staff. A short walk to the busier areas of P-I-B. But not really very far. Its a little tight getting back in there. The channel is narrow and not very deep. But its well marked. So most boaters with any experience should have no problem. The best review I can give is that Miller is our preferred dockage when we run over to P-I-B from Toledo.

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