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Nice spot. Our mooring was a short dinghy ride from the town dock. Wonder why the launch service is not working? Your tax dollars at work? Nice friendly town. Everybody we met said hello. We ate outside at the Landing restaurant because we had our dog with us. Nice restaurant!

Marina Response:
We are very proud of our little waterfront town and it's business owners. Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you soon.
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Reserved two nights here at the town dock through Dockwa. Unfamiliar with the harbor, I called on VHF channel 9 for directions but no one answered. This was daytime and several people with radios were actually standing on the dock at the time, but apparently declined to answer. As we arrived no one moved or looked our way so we landed ourselves and tied up. As soon as we were tied a young person with a clipboard arrived to greet us. There were two such young people but all they do there is something to do with clip boards. Over the two days we were there several other boats arrived and no one assisted them in docking either other than maybe pointing to a space along the dock. We helped them all if we were there. Let us be generous and assume it has something to do with the virus. The town is beautiful and the dock is right in town. There is no electricity or water at the dock. Water is available at the top of the ramp. Bring a bucket or something. There are no bath or shower facilities either. Dockwa lists the cost at $3.00 a foot per night or $8.00 per hour for daytrips. This is inaccurate or deceiving at best. We were charged $99 per night for two nights for our 33' boat AND $8.00 per hour for the hours of 10am to 4pm between nights. I found this outrageous, but the Harbormaster opined it was "Just like a hotel." I did inquire about pump-outs and I was immediately serviced by a pump-out boat that parks at the dock. I was grateful for that. The Harbormaster informed me that there is at least six feet of water dockside. Nice town to visit. Fabulous location for the docks. Questionable pricing policies. Dockhands of no use in docking, only clipboarding. No facilities. No electricity, so who needs a shower anyway?

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