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Requested north dock and they were able to accommodate like everyone it appears they have less help but pleasant, helpful and fairly well trained Number of things have changed not all for the good the worst of which were the mud slides that I used to look forward to Had to go to the Oar to get the old Champlins mud slide. Dinning was very odd they offered no indoor dining we were told indoors was reserved for the staff so if it rained you were out of luck. Limited menu but what we had was very good. There’s lots of great food on the island they are obviously not pursuing that business All in all no complaints I’ll be back next year Geoff

Marina Response:
Thank you for joining us this year and we're glad that you were able to get the dock you wanted! We do have the same number of dock team members this year as last year, but I'm sorry that they were so busy when you were there. We haven't changed the mudslides - they are the exact same recipe as always and Jen & Nelio have been with us for years. While the inside of the restaurant area is for team dining, we certainly could and should have been happy to accommodate you inside if you wanted. I will definitely follow up to get that cleared up for the future. We are always looking to grow our restaurant business but want to balance it with a quality product and we are looking forward to adding more options in the future. This year we have focused on starting to add some food options at the Dock Bar and more offerings in the Cafe. Thank you for the constructive feedback. It is truly appreciated and we will look forward to seeing you next year!
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Great location, marina help we’ll trained. Due to the pandemic People not as Engaging With limited seating dinning an issue

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