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Beautiful facility in protected harbor. Hailed the marina on VHF on arrival in the harbor and was directed to slip. Dock hands helped with our arrival and mobile pump-out was included in the cost of the stay, which was expensive! A reasonable grocery store is on-site, plus some other tourist shops and stalls plus a couple of eating options available (45 min wait for the bar and grill on a Monday at 6:30). A few walking options on shore and great for megayacht watching!

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Weathered some gnarly weather here for a couple of nights. Quite open marina with low lying ground around and not much to look at, but reasonably protected. Grills along the dock for guest use. The guest dock is a LONG walk from shore and facilities and about 15-20 mins to town (1.75 miles to grocery stores). Local military base was practicing aircraft landings until 11pm, which were pretty noisy. Price was reasonable and the stay gave us a per-gallon discount on fuel too, which was already reasonable.

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Small public dock, very shallow at low tide (we were showing less than 5' at a zero tide!) Electric worked fine, reservation sign was waiting for us. Walked to a waterside restaurant along quite a busy road. Stay was spoiled by a couple of youngsters hanging out on the dock, playing gangsta rap on their boombox, asking people for money and peering in the various boats. Also other boaters turning up and sneering at or ignoring other reservation signs .

Marina Response:
So, some context left out of this review that I, Travis Merrill Port of Allyn Security can add to this review. We are a Public dock facility, not a private gated marina so all walks of life have access to our properties. I received the call from user karlboone on the day in question and arrived within 10 mins of their complaint. Addressed the "youngsters" about their behavior and ended their day at the facility having them leave upon discovering their load adult music and combative attitude. As for our busy road, our port commissioner has been in the works with WA State DOT to help along a project to add sidewalks to our busy stretch of WA State Route 3. We are a small community that lacks the big city funding, yet we are constantly working with the little we have to improve our beautiful community. Public docks are for everyone, from the very well off to the getting by day-to-day walks of life. Plenty of users of our humble marina facility have rejoiced about its local small-town appeal and quiet calming settings. I truly sorry karlboone that your stay was spoiled and hope that you can find it in your time to visit our humble community again but it's entirely possible that Public Docks aren't for you. We hope to better serve you in the future.
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