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Even as Tropical Storm Fay continues to bear down on us, Montauk Marine Basin refuses to honor their own cancellation policy. We were forced to cancel due to severe incoming weather conditions. It was a matter of safety and the only reasonable choice, as following our original plans and keeping our reservation would have meant risking life, limb and property. Additionally, one of our crew members is currently in fragile health due to ongoing cancer treatment, and traveling through the predicted 8 foot seas would have compromised her health greatly. Despite this, rather than following their own policy and charging us 50% for the cancellation, MMB chose to immediately charge us the full price of our entire 4-night stay. No where on the website does it say that they are entitled to do this, but they did it anyway. This unethical move impacted 4 vessels traveling together and amounts to a windfall of several thousand dollars for Montauk Marine Basin, yet they have found no room to work with us on a fair resolution. Should they, at some point, decide they DO have a conscience, I'm happy to retract this complaint, But for now.... buyer beware. These are unscrupulous people.

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