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AVIOD AT ALL COST!!! Terrible experience! The dockmaster Kayla was very rude and unconcerned about our issues..Still waiting for their response a month later.(email or call) 1.booked a 3 day stay.. we had no idea we would be next to a club. The gates gonthrough the club/area which made it impossible to leave the boat without going through the hundreds of drunk patrons; some who seemed convinced that they should be taking their drinks down to the boat. Eventually settling on tossing beer cans on deck and yelling expletives when we didn't oblige. This made for an uncomfortable night, with everyone locked inside scared to do anything but go to bed. 2. I fortunately got to see Kayla Grant that morning and even while I was handing her some of the beer cans thrown on board, she was very dismissive and tried convincing me that "maybe we drank them or they must have fell" onboard!!! After which she left and refused to even appilogize. 3. We payed for 3 days but only got to stay 1 night. We went out the next morning but soon learned that the spot was "taken" (less than 2 hrs) Again no communication from the marina. 4. After calling and sending emails to the marina, it became more obvious that they simply don't respect patrons, their safety or concerns. Find any other marina.. and if none available, probably best to find a moring ball or anchor..anything but that place!

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