Burgess, VA
Legacy 42 sedan cruiser
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Stayed Jan 1 to end of February, 2020. Fabulous marina, staff, and amenities. Booked three months in 2022. Only our own conflicts prohibited booking next year. This is the standard for which all other resort marinas will be measured.

Marina Response:
Thank you for this great 5 star review! We're so honored to host you for 2 months this year and looking forward to welcoming you back in 2022. Cheers!
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Had a non-functioning bow thruster in Osprey Marina in South Carolina. Phoned ahead to Chris, the Charleston City Sage Harbor Marina mobile service manager. He arranged a tech to meet me upon arrival the next day. The tech diagnosed the issue and they ordered parts. Parts arrived overnight and the tech along with a diver (Josh from “PC/DC”) installed the next day and I was on my way. Fabulous response and service. Highly recommend this outstanding mechanical and technical service.

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