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We had a great time and plan to stay again next year! Bathrooms/showers were clean throughout the day. Entertainment and bar/restaurant was awesome. Our only complaint is the rudeness of the security men. We both called the harbor master on or way (one of us was coming by boat the other by vehicle) and were told which dock to pull into. I verified that I would check in once we docked. I was on the dock as my husband was backing in and the 2 security men came up and very rudely said "What are you doing?" I replied "Docking our boat." He said rudely, "Do you have a reservation?" I said yes and he right away called as if I were lying. Then without apology he shrugged his shoulders and said "She didn't tell us." and drove away. When I went to check in and pay our balance, the same two men were in the office. They were still not friendly - I paid our balance and he just slapped the receipt on the counter and told me to take the sheet with yellow highlighting on it. (There was no "Have a nice day - enjoy your stay - let us know if you need anything - nothing.) The following day another guy stopped and told us we had to park in the restaurant section - we were confused. He said "Where is your yellow sticker?" I replied that we weren't given one but had a reservation. We then figured out that it was the receipt that I was given - it was yellow paper. We were supposed to display it so that they could see we had a reservation - no one told us that! We found it interesting that we and our little 22 ft. boat were not treated by the workers at all the same way that the people who came in on 50 ft. yachts. We feel that manners and treating everyone the same is very important, especially when you are working for and with the public, and especially during these trying times.

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