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I never give bad reviews but I in this case I must. I made a reservation on Docwa before heading out from Manhattan on my way south but when I arrived the the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club radioed me a mooring location but then radioed over VHS to let someone they knew who was 100 yards behind me take my mooring, and then retracted my reservation and mooring. It was clear from the radio exchange that it was a favor to a friend of the club. Then they just cancelled out my three day reservation, washed their hands of me. Some guy motored out on the launch to shout that they had some confusion and I should just anchor. Wouldn’t have been a problem because I like the anchor area nearby but I wasn’t anchoring there because I have to leave my boat for a couple days. I had a three day reservation and they just tossed me off for some relationship with the club. I am on a fixed income so that hurts as I now have to pay for an expensive slip nearby with the unrelated marina. My advice is to hammer call multiple times as you approach and badger them to make sure they don’t drop your reservation.

Marina Response:
packman... sorry for this unfortunate incident, however, we investigated your complaint. We record all VHF transmissions between our launches and other vessels should there ever be a need for a Coast Guard investigation and could not find any communication with another vessel suggesting your mooring was given away, though obviously there was a communication / mooring issue. Th recent bad weather has result in mooring availability issues with boats not being hauled on schedule (thus not providing open moorings for transients) and transients overstaying their reservation dates. Again, all we can do is apologize. AHYC Launch Committee
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