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The facilities are great, the harbormaster was very good, helpful and very responsive. The mooring we had was on the outer edge of the field and we experienced an uncomfortable few hours on each change of tide when the current and swell did not play nicely. There were a couple of larger yachts anchored off using flopper stoppers for that reason. Great area to provision. Update. The moorings and stay were disappointing. The first mooring we were directed to the Mooring line was covered in barnacles. Picked that up shut down and settled and was then a directed to a heavier mooring but further out. This line too was covered in barnacles. We could have gone a further 100’ and anchored. The mooring is way out and exposed to the South. We deployed flopper stoppers to mitigate some of the roll. Without some serious stabilization tackle the moorings would be be untenable. Cell service is marginal. Restaurants and shops are at the far side of the harbor.

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