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Very placid dockage, broad passageways, helpful dockhands. They do go zipping along in those golfcarts as other reviewers have noted. Perhaps they could be set so they can't go quite as fast. It's the speed of the wheels clacking on the planks that accounts for some of the noise. The shower and bathroom facilities were clean and tastefully decorated. There is a curious system however that limits their availablility. On each door leading to the men's, ladie's and showers there is a little sign that can be slid one way to mark "open" and the otherway to mark "occupied." That would make sense for single occupancy facilities but each can accommodate 2-3 at a time. It was a bit annoying to have waited quite awhile for the shower to be available and when the person using it finally came out I entered to find 3 fully private shower stalls and a separate toilet. I would ditch the signs and replace them with a sign which informs people how many stalls there are in each room. That being said I would definitely go back.

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Lovely club marina on the Hudson, remote dockmaster responded immediately to phone call and walked us through the highly sensitive breakers on the new power outlets. Facilities were clean and everyone we encountered was friendly with lots of information about the local scene. Would definitely repeat.

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Pier 25 has all the amenities of the average New York city parking garage which is to say none except for a place to park your vehicle. It is not as advertised and to call it a marina is an insult to marinas. Approaching from the south I could not raise anyone on VHF because the young inexperienced “dockmaster“ had dropped his radio into the water. We were finally able to talk to someone by pulling up to the dock where the sincere but inexperienced young man communicated with us by direct shouting back-and-forth. Once he understood that we were there for the night, that we had reserved and paid through Dockwa, he hopped in the “launch “ and had us follow him to our mooring. Pier 25 advertises that each mooring customer is assigned a private “launch” with electric motor to get to and from the dock. Not true. There are no private launches. There is one five passenger zodiac dinghy with an electric motor, operated by the “dockmaster.” It was very close to the water and very difficult and even risky to transfer from the deck of my trawler down to the zodiac. Even though multiple moorings were available within the recesses of the “Marina“ he put us on the mooring that was the farthest out and most exposed to traffic and swell and wake from the Hudson River. I asked him to let us use one of the moorings that were deeper into the “Marina“ but he said his boss wouldn’t let him because we were “too big“ even though there were several boats of equal or greater length moored further inside. We picked up our mooring line and began the typical cleanup and arranging routine after a five hour leg on our trip. Before we could really get started, he said that he needed to take us in right away or he wouldn’t be able to for some time as he had pupils from the sailing school to ferry from their sailboat to the dock. He also said that although there were four of us and his dinghy was certified for five he could only take three of us at a time because he “didn’t trust the electric motor to push five people.“ Under pressure, I got in first under pressure so he could return to the boat and bring the other three of us ashore. When we got ashore and asked where the restrooms were, he said ‘Oh you have to use the public restrooms” and pointed in the general direction of the riverside promenade which is used by hundreds and hundreds of runners walkers and scooters. It was a New York City public restroom in all its glory. We had no easy way to get back to the boat nor any desire to stay aboard because of the rocking and rolling, so we set out to find a place to eat lunch and walk around the city. About four hours later, we came back and were taken to our boat which was rocking even more than it has been before. I Hidden requested that we be moved to a mooring that was farther in and the “dockmaster/zodiac pilot“ said he would find out if we could and left. After about 15 minutes I began calling him on his VHF, which had dried out by then, and got no answer. I opened up my Dockwa app and saw that Liberty Landing Marina was only 20 minutes away across the Hudson. I made a call to see if there were slips, which there were and then made a reservation on the Dockwa app and 20 minutes later we were tying up to a blessedly calm and peaceful slip in the middle of a beautiful marina. I suppose the $150 I paid for the mooring at Pier 25 wasn’t completely wasted because we were able to park the boat for a few hours and enjoy a sparkling early October day in lower Manhattan. I don’t know if Dockwa checks the veracity of the advertisements and descriptions of the marinas who advertise here, but they should Because Pier 25 is nothing like it is described in Dockwa or on its webpage, and that needs to change.

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I had mechanical problems which prevented me from going to Indio wharf. I attempted to call to try to cancel and get credit for the following weekend but after three calls no one answered the phone and no one returned my call. It turned out to be an expensive "weekend."

Marina Response:
You will be 100% refunded. We called the phone number on your Dockwa reservation. We got no answer. We apologize for your negative experience. Please send messages through Dockwa. I can respond very quickly to the message. Your refund will be taken care of today or tomorrow. Thanks India Wharf
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