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Slip assignment was in the front row of a 27 knot, 2 day windstorm, waves broke over the dock and soaked our clothes. There were 2 other rows of slips that had lots of protection, but we were not assigned there. The on-site restaurant served water with bugs in it, the chicken dish was burned and had only 5 teaspoon-sized pieces of chicken for $17. Don't recommend going there.

Marina Response:
Robert, we apologize for the inconvenience and invite you to visit again. You and all guests are always welcome to request whatever orientation of slip you find most suitable. When a specific request is not made we assign guests to the type of slip that most guests desire - the easiest for docking - and that's what was assigned to you. You were offered the opportunity to move to a different dock space of your choice and you declined the offer. Marina staff checked on the dock situation and added a marina-supplied stand-off anchor line to hold boat away from dock. Waves were not breaking over the dock, rather water was splashing up between boat and dock as boat moved toward dock with each wave. The restaurant is independently owned and operated and not under marina control. All restaurant seating is open air and it is not possible to completely avoid insects with open air dining.
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Good facilities, launch service, and mooring setup. Very busy harbor with constant wakes.

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Very difficult place to dock with 2knot current running perpendicular to the floating docks. Wait for slack water, and possibly local volunteers will help with lines. Power boxes were damaged, with only 1 screw holding in the 30 & 50 amp sockets. The 30 amp breaker kept tripping at 22 amps, so we used one side of our 50 amp splitter to get the full 30. Close to expensive and noisy restaurants (on a Tuesday).

Marina Response:
Robert, i apologize for the electrical issues you had and thank you for bringing it to my attention. We had that corrected yesterday. If you should stay with us again and need help tieing up, call me and will be glad to come help. As for the restaurants, again i apologize if they were not to your liking but i have no control over them. Hope you will consider staying with us again. Thank you for your time. Lee Everett, Dockmaster
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