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Huntsville, AL
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Background: This is our second stay at Cameron Harbor Marina, we travel from Guntersville AL with a large group of boats each year, and sometimes more than once per boating season. We take this trip to enjoy the sights and scenery that the Tennessee River has to offer. We joined this group of boaters two years ago, and these folks have been taking this trip for at least the last five years. Pros: The dock is well maintained and in great condition. It is in a fantastic location for easy access to Chattanooga, as well as immediate access to Spring Hill Suites hotel and the adjoining Scotties On The River restaurant. The staff is prompt and friendly. Power is readily available for each slip space. We would recommend this marina, but be aware of the cons listed below... Cons: In 2019 the marina allowed for one night stays, yet in 2020 required a two night minimum. After taxes it more than doubled our cost from last year. We had to share a slip with another boat, of which was larger than ours and had taken up a good portion of the slip. This is not really a huge problem but for a group ours size, I would have hoped to have shared a slip with others in our group. Next year we will be sure to request our group shares the slips we're assigned to. Moving on, the gate to the marina is constantly left open by others. This is supposed to be a secure marina, yet the folks renting slip space here seem not to care to keep the gate closed. On top of that the gate code is clearly posted on the way out of the marina. Great for those that can't seem to remember the code (or don't care to), but terrible when folks leave the gate open for non-marina renters to enter the dock and jot down the gate code for easy access in the future. The gate code has not changed in (at least) the last two years. I would think that the marina would want to change it often to avoid freeloaders or other undesirables from accessing and/or utilizing the dock space. Even so, the marina renters should be responsible enough to close this gate after leaving to maintain security of the dock space. Maybe the marina needs to spring load the gate to ensure it's closed after folks exit? (the gate is spring loaded, but does not ensure closure) Overall this is a great dock space and is in a very desirable location. We would recommend renting an overnight slip at Cameron Harbor Marina. Please boat responsibly, and be kind & courteous to your fellow boaters.

Marina Response:
Thank you for your review. We look forward to your return. Next year let us know who you want to share a slip with in special requests. The gate is an issue. We cannot seem to convince people to not prop it open. Happy boating!
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