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We own a 1990 Catalina Morgan 41 Classic. We are full time cruisers that travel up and down the east coast and the Bahamas.
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This is an edit to my original comment. First off I would support the other review here. I did go to Lankford Bay and was hauled to have my bottom done per their bottom special and agreed to terms with the owner. We are full time cruisers and have been to many marinas and work yards over the past 6 years up and down the eastern seaboard. I can only say this was the most bazaar experience we have ever had. After being there for almost a week, the only work that got done on my boat was work that I did myself that they were supposed to do. There are some serious personnel issues there. The only good thing I can say about the experience is that they put me back in the water to leave with no bottom paint on my boat and agreed not to charge me. I call it the cant do marina. If you are looking for an out of the way marina in a nice setting to stop at in the middle of the summer then perhaps its a good stop for you. I would never let their yard staff near your boat or you.

Marina Response:
Wow, we are definitely having trouble out of the blocks on Sailingpearl, your query about bottom paint occurred at a turnover in our staff schedule and I dropped the ball, misplacing your contact. I apologize for that. As to your question, the $10/ft special price on our website is for paint labor only. Materials are extra (choice of paint & paint kit which is $50), as is haul, wash, block, and relaunch ($17/ft). All told round trip cost for bottom painting a boat that comes to us in the water is $27/ft + materials. Greater than usual bottom prep (sanding, scraping) is an hourly at $78. I have updated the web site to contain these details. In order to compensate you for your bad initial experience I would offer the haul, wash, relaunch to you at our quick wash price of $7.50/ft bringing the total per foot charge for bottom painting your boat to $17.50/ft plus materials. Again, I sincerely apologize for the miscommunication hope you will allow us to make amends. Also while your at it you might check us out at Active Captain or on our Facebook page. We do a fair amount of transient business (yacht clubs, etc.) during the season in addition to full service work and permanent residents. Our exposure to potential negative feedback can be high and you will not find that to be the norm among customers that reviewed us there. If you desire you can contact me directly. Best Regards, Keith [email protected]
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