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This marina is going to get sold according to the kid, or be turned into condos. which is for the better we have videos of the "owner" checking to see who's calling and then not taking the call and putting it back in his pocket. he's never around, he has a rv on site, but can't get out of bed before 11, or later if his girlfriend from d dock is in there with him. nothing like getting told your being kicked out of a marina at party by the "mechanic" then having the owner tell you that's not true. however other customers have said it was true he just can't deal with the confrontation. I've heard other boaters are kicked out but i guess well have to wait till spring to find out since the manager didn't tell them yet either. surprise surprise since no one can ever get ahold of him. we got to watch them lift a few boats this year on d and b dock. what a show, he obviously has no clue what he was doing, the guy who did it last year actually knew what he was doing, wonder what happened to him, apparently he has moved on, no shocker the "manager" keeps chasing away anyone worth having around here because they don't agree with him. stay away, the owners don't care, the long term plan isn't to have this as a marina, if the rumours are true and Bridgeport is buying it, i hope it happens soon before there's nothing left, despite there office short comings they are a much better operation as a whole with transparency and honesty. anthony is anything but.

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