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I have a 25’ center console. I just needed a place to park for the weekend. I checked out in Dockwa and the price was $161. I was then charged $75 for an electrical fee. I called because I don’t need electricity, they did not care. So the price was now $236. They would not allow a cancel. I arrived the first night at my slip and it was already taken. I went to the dock master and it took about 45 minutes and we eventually told him to please text us our new slip number because we were going to dinner. I got no text so I texted him. He texted me a slip number. I got to that slip after dinner and it was taken as well. I just parked in a random open spot. Then the fresh water did not work so I could not rinse and flush my boat. I was fed up and just left. I got there the next morning and someone had moored up on my boat and scratched the side. The left their rope on my boat. They also tracked a bunch of mud across it. Of course I could not rinse it off because there is no water. I asked when the water would be fixed and they said by the evening. It was not. Got there that evening and my slip was taken AGAIN, pulled into another also no water. I was so frustrated I left and went to a different marina. I asked the dock boys if I could get some type of refund or something, of course nothing that anyone can do about anything. I won’t be back.

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