We are lovers of the Trent waterway, we like to anchor out with friends in Georgian bay, We own a 1989 Searay 380acmy
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having stayed a season here, i can tell you i’m happy to have moved on. the reason i went here in the first place was the manager i talked too over the winter. she was great, however the child who took over didn’t listen to anyone and his true colours came out as the summer went on. unfortunately a marina with so little amenity’s should be on the cheaper side of things. however they expect top dollar with giving nothing in return. they need to hire staff that can actually look after the marina. the manager can’t handle the responsibility and spends most of his time listing to one or two customers. i suggest you stay away, we moved to a marina that literally has everything and they were cheaper. i wouldn’t even suggest a transient mooring here. you’d be better off at stat port or krates

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