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A female assistant harbor master was rude when giving me information regarding the use of Dokwa. Than she assigned me to a mooring that had a bad and tangled line which was stuck on the mooring chain underneath and couldn't be picked up...apparently this is an issue that the harbor master was already aware of, as it was described to me by other nearby boaters who experienced the same thing.

Marina Response:
Hello, and we apologize for you issues with your stay. We like many are struggling with securing help and it has taken its toll with our operation. We are constantly maintains and repairing our gear that is often left damaged or wrapped by previous transient vessels. As you can see from our previous reviews the negative ones are few and far between and vessel that gave you that information was not accurate in their assumption of us knowing about a wrapped pennant which is common for moorings. We apologize and enjoy the rest of your boating season!!!
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