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When I decided to store my boat at south river initially I was thrilled with my experience- it seemed as though I was working with a family owned, honest, group of individuals and the facilities were clean, with pleasant staff who responded quickly to inquiries. Around Memorial Day I was having a few issues with my boat and requested south rivers facilities Skip Bennett marina handle the job. I asked, as is industry standard, for a quote prior to the work being conducted via which Skip called me, verbally quoted me “no more than $250” and I gave the go ahead. I just recently received the invoice over two months later, for almost $1300. Multiple billed lines include work I did not ever authorize and the work done that I did authorize was obviously verbally quoted incorrectly. I have requested several times that Skip call me, as he was who quoted me the price, so we can work together to come to an agreement, yet it has been over three weeks and he has not returned any emails or my request for a call at any instance. Now they are refusing to launch my boat even though I paid for my marina storage and launch fees IN FULL for the year, unless I agree to pay this invoice including the exorbitant unauthorized charges. Absolutely do not store your boat here unless you want to potentially face legal fees in order for them to fulfill contractual obligations, which is what it seems I will need to resort to considering Skip has completely avoided addressing this issue.

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