Cadle Creek Inlet

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Mayo, Maryland United States
38° 52' 48.0'', -76° 31' 0.84''
Cadle Creek Inlet
Cadle Creek Inlet
Cadle Creek Inlet
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Navigating the Water:

Use NOAA Chart 12270.

Cadle Creek is approached from the “twin” mouths of the West and Rhode rivers off of the Chesapeake Bay. From the Chesapeake, set a course for flashing green buoy “1A” just north of the shoal extending from Curtis Point to the south. From here, head to flashing red “2” (note shoal) in the middle of the Rhode River/West River conjunction, and then head for the flashing red “2” at the mouth of the Rhode River near Dutchman Point. Cadle Creek is just upriver on the right, and a series of well-placed daybeacons guide you into the creek. Expect four- to six-foot depths once inside.

Local Notices to Mariners:

Local Notices to Mariners are available online from the U.S. Coast Guard.


Cadle Creek is the first sheltered creek off of the Rhode River, which lies just north of the West River about nine miles south of Annapolis. Two marinas are located on Cadle Creek. One accepts transients and both offer a variety of marine repairs. This location is fairly remote, so provisioning and laundry facilities are not within reach.

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