Salt Ponds Inlet

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Hampton, Virginia United States
37° 3' 45.0'', -76° 16' 24.59''
Salt Ponds Inlet
Salt Ponds Inlet
Salt Ponds Inlet
Salt Ponds Inlet
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Local Notices to Mariners:

Local Notices to Mariners are available online from the U.S. Coast Guard.


Salt Ponds Inlet is located on the lower Western Shore of Virginia about five miles north of the Chesapeake Bay entrance to Hampton Roads. Salt Ponds is a convenient harbor of refuge if you are arriving too late into the Hampton area form the Atlantic Ocean of Chesapeake Bay and do not want to transit the shipping lanes after dark.

Salt Ponds Inlet is located on Virginia’s Western Shore about four miles northeast of Hampton and 16 miles from the opening of the Chesapeake Bay where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. The image above is a view from the east-southeast looking west-northwest over the partially jettied entrance to Salt Pond.

Navigating the Water:

Use NOAA Chart 12222.

From the Chesapeake Bay north of the Thimble Shoal Light, set a course to intercept flashing green “3,” which is located in the area of waypoint N37 03.232 W76 15.650. Once you have picked up flashing green “3,” set an approximate course of 323 degrees magnetic for about .6 mile to intercept green daybeacon “1” and red daybeacon “2” just east of the Salt Pond Inlet.

Having successfully navigated green daybeacon “1” and red daybeacon “2,” head in farther to the west and follow red daybeacon “4,” green daybeacon “3,” flashing green “5,” flashing red “6,” green buoy “7,” and then red daybeacon “8” and flashing green “9” into the back side of the inlet. Many of these aids to navigation can be seen in the image above, for reference. Depths in most of Salt Ponds range from six to seven feet.

Inside the inlet are Southall Landing Marina and Salt Ponds Marina Resort, both of which offer slips for transient guests. Haul-out-type repair services are not available here, but you can fuel up at the Salt Ponds Marina Resort.

Bloxoms Corner, the town here, has convenient access to Hampton Roads without all the hectic energy the city can exude. Rides into town may be available from either marina here.

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