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Marinecraft Mattress Company
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Welcome to Marinecraft Mattress Company

We are very proud of what we have done to bring the support and comfort normally found in quality residential mattresses to the marine industry.

• Breathable marine friendly materials selected for support and comfort. • All products can be bent or folded to accommodate restricted openings. • Custom made to any size, depth or shape. • Nationwide service and expedient delivery.

We do not make gimmick mattresses with powder coated springs (which will rust) or hinged springs. If you want to see how well a hinged spring mattress works just open any hide-a-bed. Do you get the picture?

Ultimate Marine Sleep System

Our luxury pillow top provides an incredible level of plush softness while the latex comfort layer gently conforms to body contours providing optimal support and pressure relief. The breathable latex not only lets you sleep cooler and more comfortable but also resists bacterial growth in the most humid conditions. This mattress is the reason why our customers are saying: ”We will be spending more time on our boat now in greater comfort”.

ULTIMATE MARINE SLEEP SYSTEM – 8” SUPPORT CORE: High Resilience Anti-Bacterial Foam. COMFORT LAYER: 2” Talalay Latex Rubber Based Foam LUXURY QUILTED PILLOWTOP: 2 1/2” Super Soft Convoluted Foam & Fiber with Breathable Soft Knit Quilted Cover.

Premium Marine Sleep System

Our PREMIUM SLEEP SYSTEM has quickly become one of our most sought after mattresses. Now by popular demand we have taken our engineered high resilience support core and combined it with a variety of comfort solutions to provide 3 unique styles of marine mattresses which will accommodate virtually every comfort and support need.

All Three Premium Sleep Systems now have our exclusive THREE LAYER KNIT COVER.

A top layer provides soft comfort. The second layer of nylon holds moisture and removes it from the top layer. The third, moisture resistant lower layer prevents the moisture from going into the mattress. The third layer also includes an anti-micro-bacterial additive which provides extensive protection against a wide range of fungi and bacteria.

PREMIUM PLUSH Multi-Layer Comfort

This unique Multi-Layer System not only eliminates localized pressure on the body but also provides a soft top surface to provide a wonderful balance of comfort and support. The Premium Plush System consists of a base of high resilience polyurethane foam core and 2 distinct layers (medium and soft) of pressure sensitive memory foam. This sets it apart from other mattresses on the market and far exceeds the comfort and support found in many nationally advertised mattresses which are marketed for hundreds of $$$ more.

PREMIUM PLUSH – 8” SUPPORT CORE: High Resilience Polyurethane Foam. MIDDLE LAYER: 2” Medium/Firm Visco Memory Foam. COMFORT LAYER: 1” Soft Body Molding Pillow Soft Memory Foam.THREE LAYER STRETCH KNIT COVER: See description above.

PREMIUM MEMORY Featuring Visco Memory Foam

The combination of our high resilience foam core and medium/firm MEMORY FOAM comfort top allow the mattress to cradle the body, eliminate localized pressure and provide the comfort and support needs of most individuals. Because of factory direct pricing we can sell a totally engineered product for significantly less $$$ than the “Classic Swedish Memory Foam” mattress which is marketed nationally.

PREMIUM MEMORY – 7” SUPPORT CORE: High Resilience Polyurethane Foam. COMFORT LAYER: 3” Medium/Firm Visco Memory Foam. THREE LAYER STRETCH KNIT COVER: See description above.


This is a no nonsense firm mattress. If your physique or preference requires more support our EXTRA FIRM SUPPORT CORE provides additional resistance where it is needed.

PREMIUM FIRM – 7” SUPPROT CORE: Extra Firm High Resilience Polyurethane Foam. COMFORT LAYER: 2” Medium Resilience Polyurethane Foam. THREE LAYER STRETCH KNIT COVER: See description above.

Classic Marine Sleep System

Our Classic Plush and Firm Mattresses were developed to provide the quality, comfort and support that our customers experience in their homes but are engineered for marine environments.

CLASSIC PLUSH – 7” SUPPORT CORE: High Resilience Anti-Bacterial Foam COMFORT LAYER: Soft Convoluted Foam LUXURY QUILTED TOP: Super Soft Convoluted Foam and Fiber with Quilted Cover.

CLASSIC FIRM – 6” SUPPORT CORE: Extra Firm Anti-Bacterial Foam COMFORT LAYER: Soft Convoluted Foam LUXURY QUILTED TOP: Medium Soft Foam and Fiber with Quilted Cover

Standard Marine Sleep System

Like all of our MARINECRAFT products our Marine Standard Mattress is totally engineered for marine environments. This is a single layer mattress which is designed to meet or exceed the comfort specifications of the original equipment mattresses found on most vessels.

STANDARD MARINE MATTRESS – 5” or 7” SUPPORT CORE: 5” or 7” Medium Resilience Polyurethane Foam. STRETCH KNIT COVER: Stretchable knitted top with a moisture resistant membrane on the back.

Custom Ordering Information

“My mattress has too many curves and angles, you can’t possibly make a mattress to fit our boat.”

This is the beginning of many of our conversations, but fortunately it is never the end. That is because from your first inquiry through delivery our factory trained staff will work with you to provide the needed support to correctly measure and assess your requirements.

All of our products are custom made to any shape, size and thickness. Our diverse styles of mattresses will accommodate virtually all comfort, support or size requirements plus unlike many specialty mattresses, we can ship them directly to your location anywhere.


There is a big difference in so called “marine mattresses”. All of our Luxury Sleep Systems are engineered for marine environments. Call us and find out why our customers are saying:

"We will be spending more nights on our boat now in greater comfort."

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