Port Credit Harbour Marina

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1 Port St
Mississauga, ON L5G 4N1
43° 32' 57.69'', -79° 34' 43.78''
(905) 274-1595
Toronto Harbor
Port Credit Harbour Marina
Port Credit Harbour Marina
Port Credit Harbour Marina
Port Credit Harbour Marina
Port Credit Harbour Marina
Port Credit Harbour Marina
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Berth Capacity



Minimum Approach Depth:0.0 Meters
Minimum Channel Depth:0.0 Meters
Mean Low Water Dock Depth:0.0 Meters
Mean High Water Clearance:0.0 Meters

Services & Amenities

Last Updated: Oct 07, 2019

Fuel Dock:Yes
Water Hookup:Yes
Service & Maintenance:Yes
Ship Store:Yes
Max. Vessel LOA:0.0 Feet
Max. Slip Length:0.0 Meters
Max. Slip Width:0.0 Meters
Engine Service:Yes
Propeller Service:Yes
Travel Lift:Yes
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Been here for 4 years and every year i have issues with docks and customer service ..Wayne will YELL at you for even a simple question asked such as "hey wayne can you give me a time as to when my boat will be launched?" For someone whom has run this marina for many years Wayne still CAN'T figure shit out and because he cant he will ignore your calls, refuse to let boats docks and this year ...he even put steeel cables across docks that arent rented ! so if you cant get into your space due to weather ..well your screwed ..dont even bother with safe harbour ...youll destroy your boat on these steel cables ....This marina is the worst marina on all accounts (cleanliness, saftey and serivce) while still having to pay thousands of dollars ...which is sad because it used to be one of the best marinas (so ive heard).

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I had been a boater at PCHM since 2002 but sold my boat in 2019 during the start of the "health difficulties" we all had to go through. Back in 2002, PCHM was the crown jewel of Lake Ontario's north shore. The largest, at the time. Today, it's a dangerous, unfriendly, and dirty environment for boaters. Many of the docks have sunk and have never been replaced. My dock, P dock, was cut in half to keep it from sinking completely. As people have reported here, Wayne refuses any boats that aren't new. And, he yelled at one poor fellow trying to get a lift out the check a prop shaft. Do your homework if you need a boat slip. Come look at the area, the rotting docks, the fire hazards, and poor sanitary conditions everywhere. The boaters are awesome people and always friendly. They are boaters, that's why. And, the staff that runs the marina are great, friendly, and very hard working people. But the manager of the place is charging premium rates for a disaster waiting to happen. (This has happened several times already.) Fortunately, the marina will be shut down in a couple years when the lease runs out. Then, hopefully, someone competent will create another crown jewel for Mississauga.

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After sending emails and calling numerous times and being told by the very nice receptionist/secretary that the general manager would call me back, I decided to visit the office. The receptionist showed me through to the managers office and then he barked at me saying he didn't have time for me. I politely informed him I just needed a "yes or a no" about the dock. He retorted 'Boat too old we only accept newer boats'. Basically I was told not to bother him again! Apparently this manager has time for customers who can afford new boats! Seems a little strange that he has time to get a government grant of millions of dollars of tax payers money but no time for an average hard working Canadian. If you have lots of money I would visit this Marina...If not, just keep paying your taxes so they can get their grant!

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Horrible dreadful experience with their 'non Elected' General Manager Wayne. Who when I asked what non Elected meant exactly advised I should open a dictionary or Google it. I have been waiting to get my newly purchased sail boat launched since mid April... we are now in June and when asked when I could expect it launched he indicated there is no way to know.. maybe next week... He asked if I had paid for a slip somewhere and said I should get some money back, I don't want my money back I want to sail my boat while there is some season left. With that said I have been to the Marina itself as a visiting boat and the docks and facilities are fantastic. Well worth a visit, just be sure to bring a dictionary!!!

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Although not a long time member of this facility, since taking over ownership of a sailboat in November 2019, and being allowed to have winter storage and spring launch, I have been treated well and taken care of in a very professional manner by all concerned, especially the marina manager Wendy. I would give them a rating of 5 stars except for the concern of what will happen for the unknown conditions with regard to the upcoming boating season!

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If you have a 40' boat, they will give you a slip for a 30'. The walkways are narrow and poorly maintained. Keep an umbrella for the preponderance of seagulls which are predatory. They lady that takes your money does not care whether you like the place. Really. But there is redemption with the proximity to the town of Port Credit.

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