Report Review

First and foremost, staff at the Marina are awesome! Pat and Phylis as well as Gina in the past have been a tremendous help. Marina is very well kept with great security. Unfortunately, Chicago Marinas are hard to navigate for transient boaters that enjoy launching and staying for a weekend. Launching on 31st street is near impossible! Customers wanting to stay at 31st street have to come in thru water even if the intention is to leave the trailer in the marshalling yard. At 31st street Marina we are required to pay a launch fee in addition to taking the trailer to the Marshalling yard if we plan on spending the weekend on the boat. We had to launch from Burnham harbor to avoid additional fees. IN addition there is also fear for safety. The walk to the marshalling yard from the 31st Marina can be scary, especially as you get near the yard as there is very poor visibility from that street. Suggestion: Allow extended stay for trailers (charge multiple days if necessary) so customers can keep trailer on site and stay in the Marina, even for a higher parking fee. Marshalling yard charged $38.00 for 24 hour stay. This could be income for the park district instead.