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Report Review

I am sure that our stay could have been better, but there was a frustrating time when we pulled in. The phone message that I got said the hours were till 7:00PM. I went the office at 6:30 and everything was locked up. We had no key to access the docks or the facilities. After calling, and then reporting this as an emergency, I did get keys. It turns out that there is a evening dock guy. But the point is in the letter that is provided on confirmation, it should be noted that pass codes, or Keys will be available by calling XXX-XXX-XXXX, No one in the marina that I asked knew that there was a night dock boy. I also ran across this at a Marina in MI that I gt through the state. same situation. In the confirmation letter just include the process to get keys and codes in the email to the skipper. the marina looked great, just no time to hang around.