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Do not trust this Marina! We reserved a boat 10 days in advance calling every couple of days to confirm the rental and when we got there they had given the boat away. She (Patty) told us the day before to call at 8am, we called at 8 - no answer, called at 8:10 - no answer, we seen a boat go by that said Sterling Marina Pontoon Rentals on it, we jumped in the car and rode up there, (it's only 2 blocks away) we were there at 8:15, she claimed she wasn't letting any boats go out that day for fear of a storm coming in. I told her I had been watching the weather for the last 3 days, that little thing was way out in the gulf and would not be here. She wouldn't do it. We told her we just saw one of the boats, she ignored the statement going on and on about safety and all. We came from Orlando and sat around the rental house all day, it was a BEAUTIFUL day. About 2:30 we seen that boat coming back down the canal, I called her and she then gave me a story about the bosses' sons came this morning so she "had" to give them the boat. So....the original story about the "storm" was BS, now she says she had to give it to the bosses' sons? Lie Lie Lie. Our week-end was ruined by this ladies' lies/stories. Apparently they only have two boats, one has to stay at the marina in case the other breaks down and they have to go retrieve it. DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE!