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First time ever boating to BI and was very happy with the marina. Very accommodating and professional. I was however very disappointed in the ice cream shop and snack bar. The guy at the snack bar took my order for a breakfast sandwich and orange juice. Sat there for 30 mins waiting and then he asks if we needed to order. He never put the order in! To add to it he made zero effort to redeem his mistake. The ice cream shop is of course over priced. That’s not my issue because you expect that. What you don’t expect is a stale waffle cone and a cup of frost bitten ice cream. Not to mention the young guy behind the counter not wearing gloves while handling food. So lets fast forward to 2021 vacation. Champlin's under new ownership. We stayed there from the 8th through the 14th. We arrived around 10 am and had a short wait until we could dock. The deck hands were great. we settled in and just like everyone else in this technology driven world we live in we all connected to Champlins WIFI. It worked great and I was happy about that because I still have a business to run from a far this week. Lets fast forward to Tuesday night when all of a sudden no WIFI. it was late so i went to sleep figuring maybe it was a glitch and would be all set by the morning. It was not. I called the office and spoke to someone who said they would check it and get back to me. 24 hours later no call and no WIFI. So i called again and spoke to a young man who claimed he worked in IT at a previous job and asked me to reset my phone. I knew this wasn't the issue because all four of us had done that already. Once we discovered it wasn't our devices the young man in so many words told me the WIFI on the island was sketchy and I most likely had to deal with it. Mind you when I walked from my boat to the middle of the marina the WIFI worked fine. So for the rest of the week we dealt with limited television and no WIFI at the boat. Lets fast forward to Friday night. This is the last night of vacation at Champlin's. We decide to go to the bar by the fuel dock for some entertainment and of course mudslides. My daughter Ashley who is 25 years of age asked me if I wanted drinks for the table and of course I did and gave her my Discover card. Mind you she's been getting drinks here all week long! The male bartender who I bought drinks from all week asked her for an ID. Her ID was back at the boat so she came back to the table and I got up and walked to the bar and ordered the drinks. At this time it was the female bartender who took my order. Well the male bartender VERY sternly asked me if the drinks were for me and my wife and I said they were for me, my wife and my daughter. he then instructed the female bartender not to serve me the third drink until we furnished an ID. I looked at him very politely and said sir she's my daughter and was born in April 1996! He then raised his voice slightly and said "don't I have the right to ask for an ID?" I said of course you do but I'm telling you she's 25!! He then repeaded to the female bartender not to serve the third drink and was giving me such an awful attitude and very dirty looks. I became very upset and yelled at him. he yelled back. It was an awful experience. Now I wont sit here and say he was wrong for asking for my daughters ID! He wasn't but the way he spoke to a patron that spent close to $4,000 to stay there was disgraceful and disrespectful. My daughter went to the boat and got her ID and he inspected it very closely. Never in my life have I been treated this way. Even after this was over he continued to give dirty looks throughout the night. What an awful ending to my stay there. This is not how you treat a customer. Not to mention the patrons at the bar shaking their heads at him and some at me! The woman with that piece of crap sailboat with the "Make America gay again flag" wouldn't stop giving me dirty looks and shaking her head while sitting across the bar watching the whole thing unfold. Making me feel like I was in the wrong. Perhaps I could have handled things a bit differently but there was no need for this bartender to treat and talk to me the way he did.