Report Review

This was our 8th visit to Champlin's and only our second since 2019. We were somewhat disappointed to say the least. Here is a list of what we thought changed for the worse since our last 2019 and prior visits. Poolside bar and restaurant were closed all but one day of our visit. No live music poolside; Kids arcade and bumper boats - Gone Garbage in the dock receptacles overflowing constantly-smelly and unsightly; No upgrades to the showers/restrooms - No shower curtains; lack of ventilation; No Ice Cream! Old convenience store now closed; Only one bartender at tiki bar-long wait times for drinks; Miscommunication with dock master about staying an extra-night. We were first told it was OK, but then were forced to leave after OK was rescinded. Quite frankly, all the talk on the website about the improvements made to the facility are smoke and mirrors. The cost for us to stay was up over $100 per night since 2019. Would be OK with that if there were actual improvements made. Seemed like a bit of false advertising. All in all, we had a good time during our stay but really felt like things went downhill v. our prior stays at Champlins. We are hoping the foregoing items are addressed in the near future!