Report Review

Avoid Champlin's if you possibly can! It is noisy at all hours of the night and the bathrooms look like they haven’t been cleaned for over a week. Champlin's put us in Slip SF1 because they knew it was going to be noisy that night and SF1 was supposed to be quiet. But it was still noisy! Imagine watching inebriated boaters stumbling down the dock at 2 am! When do I call 911? I complained about the noise the next morning. I was told I should have called the manager at midnight, then 1:00 am, then 2 am, then 3:00 am and so on. And the inebriated boater at 2 am? Champlin's reports they fish a lot of drunken boaters out of the water in the summer months. But unlike other marinas where we've stayed during this trip, such as Safe Harbor marinas, Champlin's never gave us the numbers to call with problems or in an emergency. For the price Champlin's charges, you'd expect a welcome package with important information about the marina, including the phone number to call with concerns. No welcome package. In fact, bring your own hose if you need to fill your water tank. This is NOT a destination resort! We would advise boaters NOT to use Champlin’s.