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I enjoyed my stay. This a resort in the fullest sense of the word. There’s a lot of services offered. However, my stay was in late Sept and I was one of three boats at what is normally a very crowded facility. My beef is that I had to float for 20 minutes before getting help from a dockhand at arrival. No one gave me the shower code. The dock bar played music late into the night, breaking the tranquil fall setting. The good points-easy access to town, a great breakfast at the dock cafe and good WiFi (I was working remotely) outweighed the bad. The price, nearly 900 bucks (15 for 110v a night!) for a 40ft sailboat during off season was hard to swallow. If it weren’t for the WiFi, I would have been swinging on a morning for 50 bucks a night. My choice, so be it.