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This Marina was one of our favorite destinations up until about 2 years ago. The Marina has been poorly managed and under staffed our last 2 trips, but this trip was clearly the worst. Management has one person working on a Saturday to manage the phones, dock security (Daytime only. There is a phone number to call after hours), and assisting incoming boats! 10 STARS TO AUSTIN WHO WAS GREAT but clearly overworked! I recently met a 2020 season slip holder who has left the marina for another marina due to being understaffed all season. They told me there was no staff or security all season and the dockside pump out service ended because the equipment was vandalized and the marina never repaired or replaced it. If Golden Nugget plans on maintaining a boat trade, they better rethink cutting the staff to a ridiculous level and not maintaining services that are expected at a resort marina! ***This is not a COVID-19 situation*** They have been going downhill long before COVID-19 arrived!