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Look…people can poop all over the staff, but it’s not them. The staff is helpful and kind. The problem lies with the State of NEW JERSEY. Yes the dock conditions have a lot to be desired, but blame the state. We pulled in on On 5 Dec. and they had no fuel, and no pumpout. It is what it is. We went to Kammermans and got fuel, and dumped at sea the next day. The things the staff can take care of is the shower rooms and bathrooms in the building. Disgusting is an understatement. Smells like urine. Grunge in the stalls, little to no hot water, (State of NJ), That being said, any of you knuckleheads that want to dump on the staff, go out and get your sea legs because if you have been on the water for multiple days, it can be a lot worse. We will continue to go to Golden Nugget, and only hope that the State of NJ starts to realize that people are contributing to your salaries and should be able to enjoy a safe, clean marina.